10 Common Breast Problems And Pain All Women Confront In Their Life

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Young girls first common sign of puberty is her breast development. Breasts are usually small and tender bumps under both nipples, which gets bigger over the time. In a women’s life, they confront breast problems at an early age where one side breast can develop faster than the other side. Hence, one side small and the other side a little larger is very normal. Breast problems and pain are common and generally caused by hormonal changes which occur during the menstrual cycle.

breast problems pain confront common

Taking the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy can also cause breast problems and pain. Some women experience breast pain every day, this pain is commonly connected with shoulder, neck and armpit pain. In many cases, it may be critical enough and may need some form of treatment.

breast problems pain confront common

We bring you some of the common breast problems and pain which all women confront in their life.

1. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes cause breast problem and pain from swelling, lumpiness or tenderness of the breast. Many women experience such changes as hormone levels affect their breast tissue during their menstrual cycle. They normally happen before or after a period. Women who take contraceptive pills for hormonal treatment or hormone replacement therapy may also confront these changes.

breast problems pain confront common

2. Cysts

Cysts occur when fluid gets trapped in the breast tissue. It’s very common in women aged 35 to 50 and normally they disappear with menopause. Cysts may feel soft or firm and may sometimes pain when you touch. More than one cyst may grow at the same time. Though they are harmless, in order to make sure that it is not cancer, any lump that can be felt, confront it with the doctor. Though the fluid in cysts can be drained by a fine needle, but can sometimes come back after draining.

breast problems pain confront common

3. Fibroadenomas

They are harmless lumps of glandular and fibrous tissue, which feels firm and rubbery and have a smooth texture. Fibroadenomas are very common in women aged 20 to 40. Their cause is unknown, but they are painless or become tender before periods. It normally grows during pregnancy. Just as other lumps, get it checked by your doctor.

breast problems pain confront common

4. Other Common Lumps

An injury or previous breast surgery from which you get a hardened scar tissue, such as a biopsy, can cause lumps or lumpiness and pain. When silicone is injected into the breasts for cosmetic purpose, which can sometimes harden and create lumps. Many women can literally feel their ribs through their breast tissue. Always make your doctor aware of your full breast problems history, whenever you get your lumps checked.

breast problems pain confront common5. Nipple Discharge

Discharge from the nipple is common and not an issue, and may not be due to cancer or other diseases. But do confront your doctor. Having bloodstained or watery discharge, maybe from only one breast, would require some tests. Leaks from nipples during breastfeeding is common, even after you’ve stopped feeding and will gradually stop. But in case it doesn’t stop and the color or thickness of the discharge changes, see your doctor.

breast problems pain confront common

6. Sore, Cracked And Itchy Nipples

Some breast problems like a sore, cracked or itchy nipples is due to breastfeeding. The skin around the nipple can split and will pain. When these changes develop if you are not breastfeeding or pregnant, then the doctor can recommend some treatment.

breast problems pain confront common

7. Inverted Nipples

Many women have a nipple or nipples that are turned in or inverted. This is very common for them. Nipples turned in or inverted can develop after breastfeeding has been stopped or while you are pregnant. If the nipple turns in for the first time, then get it checked by your doctor, because this is an early sign of a breast cancer under the nipples.

breast problems pain confront common

8. Extra Nipples

Many women are born with extra nipples, but it does not mean their risk of breast cancer is increased. Extra nipples can only be removed by a doctor if the person does not wish to have it. They can develop the same problems as normal nipples.

breast problems pain confront common9. Eczema And Duct Ectasia

Breast infection does not cause breast cancer, but if you develop any inflammation or infection in your nipples, which could be a sign of eczema (a common skin problem) or a condition such as a duct ectasia, which occurs when a duct fills with waste matter from cells. There will be a sticky yellow-green to brown discharge, which can become a problem, and treatment is urgent.

breast problems pain confront common

10. Mastitis

This is a painful inflammation of the breast caused by bacterial infection and is often associated with breastfeeding and usually, develops 2 to 6 weeks after giving birth. The breast becomes red, hot, swollen and causes pain. Women who are not breastfeeding cam also have mastitis, like women with diabetes or women with poor immune systems. Recurrent mastitis is often associated with smoking. Mastitis can be treated with hot or cold packs and sometimes with antibiotics. Take doctors advice on this.

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breast problems pain confront common

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