10 Sneaky Ways a Narcissist Will Try to Con You:

Narcissists are master manipulators, and unfortunately many people fall for the bait. They will manipulate you by any means necessary.

If you have ever encountered a narcissist which I am sure you have, you know they are charming and interesting. That being said this is all part of their plan. They have to make sure everyone likes them so that they can deceive them all. If you want to make sure there are no narcissists in your life take a look at the list below and make sure no one is doing the following.

10 Sneaky Ways a Narcissist Will Try to Con You:

1. Irregular reinforcement

Narcissists use this as a means to keep you hanging on their side. For instance, they will sometimes be nice to you or give you a treat but that will happen fewer times than not. For the most part, you will not receive even so much as a small praise. When they do this they are keeping you attached as a means of waiting for a compliment.

2. Selective truth

The narcissist will only tell you what he or she wants to. They love to exaggerate things and speak in generalities. They do this because they want to con you into seeing things their way.

3. False flattery

The narcissist will give flattery to you from time to time, but not based off of who you are, simply based on what you can do for them. They will call you special, not because they care for you but because they can benefit from you.

4. They tell you that you need them more than they need you

This is NOT TRUE! If someone is telling you that you can’t live without them or that they can’t live without you, they are simply trying to create a false sense of vulnerability. They don’t need you and you don’t need them, all they need is someone to feed into their narcissism, anyone can do that.

5. Every gift comes with a guilt-trip

If the narcissist buys something for you or helps you out they will ALWAYS mention it later. This is how they trick you into doing something for them that you would not want to do.

6. Guaranteed protection

The narcissist will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe with them. They will ‘guarantee’ that as long as they stay by their side they will take care of you. You will in this become food for their ego and nothing more than that.

7. They do not praise others

When dealing with a narcissist you will never hear them tell you that you did a good job.

8. They are disappointing

The narcissist will disappoint you time and time again so that they will be able to get away with more and more.

9. They misrepresent your feelings

They do this so that you will either give up and do what they want or you will stop arguing at the very least. For instance, if you don’t want to be around someone the narcissist is friends with he or she will respond with something like “so you’re perfect now?” The narcissist will make out like you think you are better than the person you don’t like as a ploy to get you to hang out with them anyway.

10. Smear campaigns

Yes, this is a real thing when the narcissist cannot control you he or she will control those around you. You will lose friends and anyone in your support network will fall to pieces, the narcissist will then try again to con you into doing whatever it was they wanted in the first place.

Narcissists are real and dangerous. When we encounter one we should either reduce their presence as much as possible or cut them out of our lives completely. For more information on narcissists check out the video below.

Featured Image Via Agnes-Cecile Deviant Art.

Reference http://awarenessact.com/10-sneaky-ways-narcissists-con-you/

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