10 Things I Want Parents Who Vaccinate Their Kids To Know

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10 Things I Want Parents Who Vaccinate Their Kids To Know

Like most parents who don’t vaccinate, I  believe in freedom of choice for all parents.  If we could all respect each others choice to choose what’s best for our children, we could leave behind judgement and ridicule, and parenting would be a lot more peaceful.  That’s why it’s so upsetting to see  ignorant comments that are plastered all over social media, from parents who don’t believe in freedom of choice.  Here are a few things I want parents who do still vaccinate to know:

1.Most of the time the diseases we vaccinate for are very mild and unlike vaccine injury, they last only a short time.

In healthy children their immune systems do the work and they go away on their own with no lasting effects (other than lifelong immunity). There are natural cures… one of these is vitamin C. Dr Frederick Klenner discovered high doses of vitamin C could cure polio, measles, and hepatitis. If you knew that measles was mild and far less harmful than the measles vaccine would you still choose to vaccinate?

2. Even if you choose to vaccinate, please please make yourselves aware of the adverse events that can occur.

Many of the adverse events are listed on the vaccine package inserts themselves. These are available to look at online. (your doctor probably won’t show you these). These are not rare.  They are occurring all the time.  Thats why the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the USA has paid out over $3billion in vaccine injury compensation claims.   Not quite the one in a million reaction as we are lead to believe…

hepatitis b vaccine

3. If you are really are worried about viruses and bacteria, you dont want to see what the toxins in vaccine can do…

Injecting formaldehyde, aborted fetal cells and neurotoxins like aluminum, into the body is going to cause a lot more harm than a week of the measles, or chickenpox…. Once you see the real victims you will understand why there should be less fear about diseases and more about vaccines.

4. Your children will be shedding their live virus vaccines (this includes the measles and chickenpox vaccine) after their shots.

The John Hopkins patient guide to caring for the immunocomprimsed once contained information warning patients to stay away from those recently vaccinated (that was until it was mysteriously removed from the site)  Next time you go to blame unvaccinated children, remember who is really spreading these diseases.

5. The latest study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, found significantly higher rates of autism, allergies, ear infections, learning disabilities and chronic diseases in those vaccinated to the schedule.

vaccinated vs unvaccinated

Who do you think will grow up to be healthier?

6. Vaccines are far from perfect…

Actually there is a huge failure rate (not just a small one) That’s why booster shots are given so often.  Thats also why highly vaccinated populations show just as high rates of disease.

7. If you are worried about where to get good and unbiased information from…

Look at vaccine inserts, VAERs reports, studies that aren’t funded by pharma companies, and most importantly, parents of vaccine injured children…

Dr Google

8. The people trying to convince you not to vaccinate have only one motivation, and that is to prevent more suffering, because they have either witnessed it first hand in their own family or know someone who has.

9. In the time you have spent reading this, more children have been damaged by vaccines, because they believed what Doctors and the government told them.

10. It’s not too late to change your mind.

If you have vaccinated and now regret it, you can still detox.

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