My pain management doctor has been negligent in my care and I feel that they may try to discharge

My pain management doctor has been negligent in my care and I feel that they may try to discharge me instead ok taking responisibiltad of

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My issue is with my pain clinic Dr they have been negligent in the following ways. First of all in February they reduce my pain medication from 60 milligrams to 30 miligrams stating there was a government issue of reduction of pain medications which I have found since calling the DEA and talking to other patients of other pain clinics there is no sex ban so number 2 I was in immense pain and one of the drugs they prescribed within the 30% with opana 5 milligrams and according to them they were unable to make the pre authorization work for my insurance company because the program was expired or defective and they didn’t know how to do it so I’m stuck with the 20 milligrams of percocet after taking 60 then when I call them in and let them know they actually called me and said we can’t make this authorization work so we’re going to prescribe you something else so instead of the opana they prescribed me morphine which I had told them in the past made me dizzy and nauseous still as a good trooper I took what I was prescribed my back pain got so bad I would have to sit down and immediately when it got so bad in the burning was more that I could take which made me unable to cook unable to go to the grocery store and unable to babe my daughter in the tub unable to walk to the mailbox but I dealt with it it because they’re going to see me again on Wednesday about how the pain medication change work or did not work which obviously it did not work and failed me he most t last night or early morning I get up to take a shower a hot shower to loosen my muscles the back pain. Excruciating from standing up so I had to sit quickly I sat on the toilet to relieve my back slid off the toilet fell face down busted my head open and broke my nose then when I got up I sleep back down on my hip my knee and twisted my ankle when I went to the ER they told me to stop the morphine at no matter what and because I am with a pain clinic I had to deny any pain medication that they gave me or we’re going to give me which would have helped the situation but I knew I was going to see the pain doctor Wednesday and explain to them everything that happened I have never had a dirty urine sample I take my medication as prescribed I do not abuse them I do not sell them and I’m not addicted to them what rights do I have and what if they just try to discharge me please help I me I am afraid that they may try to discharge me instead of taking responsibility I feel that the decision the drop down my medication was a blanket decision for all patients and that my care as an individual patient was not considered please help



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