Three Things To Know: Lady Gaga’s Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

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In her just-released documentary ‘Five Foot Two,’ Lady Gaga gives viewers a rare behind-the-scenes look at her personal life – including her daily struggle with chronic pain due to fibromyalgia.

In one of the film’s memorable scenes, Lady Gaga is seen in tears from the pain contemplating the challenges faced by the millions of people who suffer from the disorder. She says, “I just think about other people that have maybe something like this that are struggling to figure out what it is, and they don’t have the money to have somebody help them.”

Lady Gaga’s brave public announcement and vulnerable documentation of her struggles with fibromyalgia have the potential to help the millions of others who suffer from the condition in the U.S. – including those who have not yet ever been officially diagnosed.

Here are the three important things that we can learn from Lady Gaga’s announcement, and details about what is being done to better understand and treat the disorder:

  • Need for Quick, Accurate Diagnosis.
    In announcing her fibromyalgia diagnosis, Lady Gaga has been open about her struggle with chronic pain that has lasted more than five years. Unfortunately, this is an experience shared by millions of others with fibromyalgia who, like Lady Gaga, suffer for far too long from the severe pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia before receiving an accurate and definitive diagnosis. For those still seeking a confirmed diagnosis – and quickly – for their fibromyalgia, there is now an FDA-compliant, university medical center developed, peer-reviewed, accurate and objective blood test available, the FM/a® Test.
  • Importance of Asking Questions.
    Lady Gaga’s chronic pain began with a hip injury and has only worsened over time. Like many others, her journey has been marked with seeking advice and guidance from a variety of specialists to better understand her condition. Unfortunately, still, research efforts into the causes of fibromyalgia are very limited. According to Bruce Gillis, M.D., CEO of EpicGenetics, “Millions of women, men and children suffer from fibromyalgia, yet our understanding and acknowledgement of fibromyalgia as a legitimate medical condition remains in the Dark Ages – we still know very little about the disorder’s cause, and the medical community has not advanced these research efforts in a meaningful way in decades.” Because of this, EpicGenetics is supporting leading research efforts that involve renowned university medical centers to locate genetic markers for fibromyalgia, which would finally answer one of patients’ most common questions: “How did I get fibromyalgia?”
  • Urgency for Improved Treatment.
    Lady Gaga’s raw display of her emotional and painful experience with fibromyalgia in her documentary brings to light the experiences of the millions of people who struggle with fibromyalgia every day – without an effective treatment available to them. Current treatment options are limited and only focus on relieving some of fibromyalgia’s symptoms. Because of this, Dr. Bruce Gillis is supporting a planned vaccine clinical trial that, pending regulatory approvals, utilizes the BCG vaccine, which is anticipated to reverse the actual biology of fibromyalgia and, for the first time, directly and effectively treat fibromyalgia.

More information about the FM/a® Test and the landmark clinical studies to evaluate the potential genetic origins of fibromyalgia and to initiate a direct treatment approach for fibromyalgia can be found at Lady Gaga’s documentary is now available on Netflix.

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