what is happening to my hands? does everyone else have this symptom?


what is the explanation of muscle weakness in both hands from wrists to tips. At moment, even typing this is hard work and “hurts like hell”. In my case, keep dropping things, or not holding onto things; and sometimes, when i do manage to grip something, my fingers then won’t let go and cups, spoons etc., go for a slide across the work surface or crash to the floor. Right now, trying to type, my fingers do not respond to what i want them to do, it is almost like slow motion, but also fingers are numb, tingling and very stiff and painful. Is this typical of this ilness? AND WHY IS IT, THAT SPECIALISTS KEEP SAYING “THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR HANDS….. I would like them to try mine for a day and see how it feels…… sorry i am ranting, but they hurt and won’t do what they’re told.


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