What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough truth

The whooping cough vaccine propaganda is everywhere.

It’s on the news. It’s on social media on almost every parenting page on Facebook. It’s on the wall at the Doctors surgery and even in the blue book that new mothers take home after their baby is born. Chances are you haven’t gone more than a few days without some article popping up on your news feed urging children, pregnant women, parents, grandparents and anyone else who will listen to run out and get their booster shot asap.  Some new mothers are even going so far as to tell people they can’t their newborn without being ‘up-to-date’ n their dTap booster.

In their hurry to convince everyone from pregnant women to grandparents that they must get the vaccine some vital information is unfortunately being ignored by the media and our government

The vaccine doesn’t work

It’s simple, if the vaccine worked it wouldn’t be allowing those who’ve had it to contract and even spread pertussis.

The whooping cough vaccine currently in use doesn’t work, since 80% of cases being seen in Australia are a mutated strain not covered by the vaccine. In fact, several recent studies have found that those who had had the vaccine were more likely to develop Para Pertussis.

What is most alarming though, especially for those thinking about getting the vaccine to visit a newborn, is the fact that recently vaccinated individuals can be asymptomatic carriers, ie. they can carry the pertussis toxin in their throats and spread it without showing any symptoms. In fact, it’s been suggested that asymptomatic transmission could explain the recent surge in whooping cough rates being seen in many countries such as the USA and Australia.

So without having any symptoms a vaccinated individual can potentially visit a newborn baby and infect them without even knowing it. This is frightening considering that the recent trend being pushed by doctors is the practice of “cocooning” where nobody is allowed to visit a newborn without having their booster shot.

Whooping Cough Rates Are Increasing in Highly Vaccinated Populations

Whooping cough rates were steadily declining in Australia for over 100 years until measures began in 1991 and 1997 to increase vaccination coverage in infants and children. In 1991 less than 71% of Australian children were fully vaccinated yet there were only 347 cases, while in 2011 with over 90% fully vaccinated there were over 38000 cases reported. Something is clearly wrong and it’s not the unvaccinated children causing this “epidemic” since the highest number of cases are occurring in areas with high vaccination rates. A 2012 study by Dr Witt, Professor of Infectious Diseases found the highest incidence of the disease was in previously vaccinated individuals. Another study found that 85% of cases of whooping cough in schools occurred in vaccinated children.

The Advice Given To Pregnant Women Doesn’t Make Sense

When a women is pregnant she is told to avoid certain types of fish due to the high mercury content (which can damage a baby’s developing nervous system), yet she is now being encouraged to have the Whooping cough DTPa vaccine, which contains aluminium, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde and glycerine. There has been no testing of the safety or the effectiveness of giving this vaccine to women during pregnancy, and it is still unknown whether it can cause fetal harm.
The side effects listed on the Whooping Cough vaccine package insert include; headache, fatigue, fever, nervous system disorders, convulsions and Immune system disorders.

Straight from the DTPa package insert:
“adequate human data on use during pregnancy are not available.”

It has been pertussis vaccines containing bioactive toxins such as aluminium that have been responsible for more than half of the awards for vaccine injury and death totalling $2 billion made under the US Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Natural treatments for Whooping Cough do exist

It’s easier to sell a vaccine if you tell everyone there’s no treatment.  The truth is that there is a natural treatment for whooping cough that does work.   Suzanne Humphries explains that vitamin C when administered in high doses, can be an effective treatment for whooping cough. Although not an instant cure, it can offer great relief, as vitamin C addresses the issue of toxin neutralisation. According to Dr Humphries, most parents reported a significant decrease in cough severity within the first 24 hours of correct dosing of vitamin C.

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Vaccines are not safe, and they don’t provide effective protection for newborns, children or adults.

I won’t be getting vaccinated for whooping cough and If I have another baby I’ll be telling everyone not to have a booster shot before visiting my newborn, because the safest way to be when visiting a mother and her new baby is vaccine-free.

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